Retail handy - Always on the run to find you better snacks

  • Retail Handy is a one-stop location for all your grocery needs. Our selection spans from mainstream snacks to more authentic gourmet food from around the world, including American, Japanese, Korean, Indian, Thai, Chinese cuisines. Our founders have spent their childhood and career years in both Eastern and Western countries. Their diverse ethnic background and global travels have shaped our intuition and passion in curating an eclectic variety of flavors to ensure that you get an ultimate snacking experience.

  • We make gourmet snacks affordable and accessible for everyone. You can easily find your favorite treats in multiple versions and sizes, from convenient single serve size to mega bulk size to wholeheartedly indulge your cravings. We source the highest quality snacks for all diet types. You can filter and buy products based on your dietary needs (keto, paleo, vegan, etc.).

  • We simplify the supply chain so that you have access to limited brands and products without paying additional memberships. All snacks are carefully handpicked & systematically packed so that they come to you in impeccable conditions.

Our Mission

  • Our mission is to be a leader in the distribution and merchandising of food, seasonal merchandise, and related products and services. We earn the loyalty of the people we serve by first anticipating, then fulfilling their needs with our superior-quality products, a unique shopping experience, customer-focused service and continuous innovation. We place considerable importance on forging strong supplier partnerships. Our suppliers, large or small, local or global, are essential components in accomplishing our mission.

  • Retail Handy is committed to partnering with brands that share a similar passion for social responsibility, sustainability, philanthropy, and environmentalism. We cultivate growth on mutual platforms for brands.